The exploration of my dominance

The exploration of my dominance

Hello my lovely subbies. This is my second blog post, I know, I should have written more but Mistress has been a very busy Mistress meeting and speaking with all of you subs out there. Anyway I have decided to make amends with a blog that I hope you will find truly erotic and enlightening.

As you can see from the title this blog is about the exploration of my dominant side and my discovery of just how dominant I really am. As 2018 comes to a close I feel totally comfortable with the ephephet Dominatrix to my first name. In fact we like minded people should petition Parliament to have it recognised as an official title in the same way as Miss, Ms or Mrs, and while we are at it we should also include slave for you lovely subbies. After all a Dominatrix and a sub are akin. We both share the same opinion as to the role and behaviour of women and men within society. Wouldn’t you just love to be officially known as say slave John , rather than Mr Smith. Imagine the relief from no longer having to hide your true feelings and the sense of achievement in freeing your life long desire and inner psyche. I feel a genuine thrill when I address myself as Mistress Sophie or Blonde Dom Girl and this is an identity that is going to be sticking around for some time yet!

On to my blog. I will freely admit, as I set out below, that this year has been a journey of self discovery into the world of female domination. As a young lady in her mid twenties I have started this journey later perhaps than some others. That does not however make me being a Dominatrix any less vocational. As the saying goes better to start your journey later on the right path than make a dawn start on the wrong path only to have to retrace your steps. If you are on the right path you can advance at a great pace very quickly. And if I may say so I consider that I have made great advancement in this my brave new world. Whereas if you are on the wrong path you will stumble and falter and may never find the true path for which you were destined. That would be a terrible waste. Anyway enough of the philosophising.

All the way though my teen age years I have always felt that it was my right to be pampered and looked after, spoilt and treated special, but more in the role of a Princess rather than a Goddess. As I moved into my early twenties, however, this desire increased dramatically. Indeed to the stage where I felt an inner burning to genuinely dominate men and have them at my mercy. To make them worship me, literally, and to put me on a pedestal. Many a night was spent lying in my bed fantasising about what I would wear, what I would say, what I would get a male to do for me. With increasing frequency, speed and intensity I would become acutely aware of a wetness between my thighs deep within my tight little pussy. There were times when that wetness would seep out of me and lubricate my pussy lips with its stickiness. With the passage of time I learnt that there was only one solution to this situation. I would suck on the fore and middle finger of my right hand, my trusted fingers as I now refer to them, and insert them as deep as possible within my tight wet pussy as I continued the fantasy. Meanwhile with my left hand I would spread my pussy lips far apart, pull back by clitoral hood and squeeze my little, or to be more accurate my large and pronounced clitoris. I would continue with my musings, how I ached to give a command to a man prostrate at my feet and hear the immediate response “Yes Mistress”. My breathing would become heavier and heavier. And yes I would wank and wank and wank shamelessly bringing myself off to orgasm after orgasm literally saturating my bed sheets with my hot sweet CUMM, licking my CUMM from my fingers before I entered a restful and blissful sleep. Naturally the association of such intensely powerful orgasms with female domination acted as a positive reinforcement to my innate feelings. I knew that something which got me off so much had to be right for me. I knew that it would be wrong for me not to explore this world and live my fated destiny. And thus the gateway into this pleasure dome was opened.

So cometh the hour cometh the woman, I always feminise masculine phrases we need a matriarchal society not patriarchal, and therefore this year I decided to turn fantasy into reality. My experiences this year have proven to me what I had felt for all those years and what I had fantasised about for such a long time. They proved to me that I am a dominant female. A female who wishes to exert control over men and take them to places they never imagined possible. This was not simply about physical domination, although that is clearly important, but also mental domination. I wanted and desired to start to exert influence over the male mind. To get inside their head. For me mind control is a fundamental element of female domination and something which should not to be overlooked if one truly wishes to have loyal devotees who will worship and serve you.

So having wetted my appetite, and my pussy LOL, in 2018 I am going full out, headlong into the world of female domination. But more of that later. I just love the word Dominatrix, If ever words can portray their meaning by their pronunciation this is most definitely one. It must be the harshness of the ending which makes it such a strong word. Please note that I always capitalise Dominatrix because, as I have said above, I regard it as a title in a similar manner as Lady etc rather than merely a character descriptor.

Back to 2018 and now let me recap some of my experiences with the subs with whom I have sessioned so that you can see the way in which I have developed and explored my dominant side and bent my subs minds to my will and my desires.

I have received many requests from subs which I considered to be too extreme, and even now remain of that opinion. Personally I do not believe that female domination should involve SEVERE injury to the sub.

One of my first experiences however appeared to be rather tame. It was a sub who requested to foot worship me and possibly be given a hand spanking. Nothing particularly kinky about this I thought and not something which would particularly get me off. After a few exchanges we agreed a meet. I should point out at this juncture that I have beautiful dainty feet which I take care of with regular pedicures. I always adorn my toes with a deep red nail varnish as it seems to attract the male’s eye. The session went as planed, a very enjoyable foot worship and a light spanking with my subby bent over touching his toes. Nothing more than a few swats to be honest. This continued for 3 further sessions but each time I was very aware of an increasing inner desire to push the boundaries, to be much more authoritative in my verbal communication and to give a hard spanking. On the fourth session I decided it was now or never.
So my subby arrives, strips naked and I relax in a sofa chair with my little feet wrapped in my open toe stilettos. As normal he stood there like a rabbit caught in headlights. I gave my order as only a Dominatrix could. “KNEEL DOWN”! Wow that felt good. The words came out naturally and authoritively. I had just spoken to him much stricter than previously. I felt a tingle in my body which was heightened even further when without a word and without looking directly at me he meekly complied. I watched spellbound as he inched his way forward until I could feel his warm breath on my feet. It felt good I can tell you. I waited in state of heightened anticipation to see what he would do next. I expected him to take my shoes off as previously and begin his massage but he
didn’t. He just stayed there, his head bowed out of deference and increased respect for me. There was a change in his attitude. The increase in my dominance was matched by an increase in his submission. I wanted to continue to push the boundaries a little here as I was becoming rather excited at the power I was exerting in what was such, on the face of it, a simple scenario. I kept him in that position for a couple of minutes before I gave him my second order. “REMOVE MY SHOES”. There it was again. That rippling sensation as another command was meekly complied with. I was staggered as to how excited I felt without actually having been touched but by simply ordering a man about and watching him obey without question whilst grovelling before me. I would expect to have felt like this only after many, many minutes of concerted foreplay. “WORSHIP MY FEET” came my third and final command. I watched as he took my right foot in his hands and massaged the sole of my foot. Initially gently but gradually building up pressure. I have always enjoyed his foot massage but this felt different. I was caught up in the extra power which I exerted over him. When he had provided a thorough massage he commenced toe sucking. I mused that I had not given him specific
instruction to perform this pleasure and determined that he would be punished, but only after he had worshipped my feet.

The worship was repeated on my left foot and by the end I was awash with stimulation. As I said above we had explored spanking briefly in our previous sessions but it was not a definite on his “wish list”. Subby had informed me that he quite liked the idea of being bent over a chair and given a few slaps with my hand on his bare bottom which is exactly what I had done. This had changed for me however, right now a spanking was certainly a definite on my wish list. And most definitely not just a few light slaps. But rather a good old fashioned naught boy bent over my knee hard hand and paddle bare bottomed spanking. I had a raging inferno of a fire between my thighs. In part this was stoked by the massage and toe sucking but it was set aflame by the new and increased control factor. The fact that I had ordered him about, instructed him, spoken to him like a little boy, and he had complied. That power sent my senses into over drive. Without hesitation I spoke in a deliberate voice “up you get you naughty boy time for Mistress to punish your misbehaviour”. “You caught Mistress’s toe with your tooth you bad bad boy”. Where were these words coming from. I had not read any manual on how to be a Dominatrix they were just coming from me so naturally. I stretched out my dainty lacquered fore finger and gave him my fourth order. “PUT THAT CHAIR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM”. It was a straight backed chair with no arms. Perfect for my intended purpose, which most certainly was not for him to be seated . I rose and gracefully marched over to it and sat down. I remained naked. My sub nervously shifted from foot to foot. “Fetch my paddle. NOW! AND DO IT ON ALL FOURS”. He crawled over to my array of tools and selected my leather spanking paddle.” Well what are you waiting for. i want it here. NOW”! With head bowed he crawled over to my side and handed it to me. “UP” I commanded. He was now standing by my right thigh. I placed the paddle on the floor by my side and admonished him for his unforgivable behaviour.
“Well you have been a very naughty little boy haven’t you. Tell Mistress what happens to naughty little boys” ” “They are spanked Mistress”. “That is right. Naughty boys get spanked. Come on you know how I want you, that’s it by my side”. He remained by my right hand side he was physically shaking with nerves, I was physically shaking with the excitement and inferno in my pussy. “Well what are you waiting for you bad bad boy bend over my knee” for the first time I felt a slight quiver in my voice I was so delirious with power and excitement. But would he obey. This was the acid test, the litmus paper by which I could gauge my success. I could not physically force him over my knee and this was certainly taking the spanking much further than he had expressed. To my absolute delight he moved forward and lowered himself into position. I felt his semi erect penis against my bare thigh. I tutted and admonished him for being so naughty. I took a mental step back, here I was a mid twenties female with a middle aged man over my knee awaiting a spanking. No words were spoken, none needed to be. We both knew what was going to happen next. How surreal. Yet it felt very natural. There was nothing forced about this. it was the right and correct thing to happen. We both knew it. I placed my left hand firmly on his back and simultaneously raised my right hand to shoulder height. How ludicrous and vulnerable he looked. A fully grown man face down across his Mistresses thighs hands and feet both touching the floor. His ever stiffening cock rubbing up against my bare thigh.

“You bad bad boy” I mocked and then brought my right hand down as hard as I could onto his right arse cheek. He immediately let out a cry and gyrated forward on my thighs. I raised my hand in the air again and saw the red imprint of my hand. Without warning I brought my hand down onto his left arse cheek, once again the strike was immediately followed by his pitiful wailing and urgent gyrating. I was like a woman possessed over and over again I raised my right hand and brought it down on his bare arse always alternating between right and left cheek, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. His bottom was a lovely shade of red he was crying his eyes out and I was squeezing my thighs together. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. Aaaaaaaaaargh Mistress he cried pitifully. Twenty five times I raised my hand and twenty five times I brought it crashing down on to his bare bottom. By the time I had finished he was crying freely. There was no semblance of adulthood or masculinity. He was crying like a naughty little boy. Surprisingly his penis remained rock hard against my bare thigh. I admired my handiwork . His bottom was a lovely shade of red. I touched his cheeks. There was a distinct heat emanating from them both. Similarly there was a good deal of heat emanating from between my thighs. But i was not finished yet. My hand started to sting from the relentless spanking which I had administered, although no where near as much as his bottom. So I reached down and picked up my trusty little paddle. I ran my fingers gently over it. It was quite sturdy and was clearly capable of inflicting a good deal of discomfort. I admired his buttocks one more time and raised my right arm slowly in the air to shoulder height. “Oh you bad bad boy” I teased him yet again. I am sure his face was as red as his poor bottom. “Fancy making Mistress punish you in this manner. Then without further ado SMACK, SMACK, SMACK SMACK. I had developed a steady rhythm which was a little too quick for him to regain his composure between each spank. Relentlessly I spanked his bare bottom. Left right, left right, left right, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. The pleasure I was feeling was sooooooooo intense. I was spanking rhythmically and hard, I threw back my head, I didn’t have to look I knew only too well where his stung bottom was.

As my orgasm approached I quickened the pace SMACK, SMACK. SMACK,SMACK, I was about to explode, I was at the point of no return I delivered two extremely hard spanks at the same time as I squeezed my thighs together as tightly as I possibly could thus trapping my clitoris and creating the necessary friction to send me over the edge into a mind blowing orgasm. I threw back my head as I came in gushing waves. Throughout all of this he remained over my knee whimpering though if he knew anything about the female anatomy he must have known that I had just exploded. When I had regained my composure I stroked his bright red arse cheeks gently and told him that I forgave him for his naughtiness, there it was again that word naughty. Why does it create such imagery. My arm ached and despite my orgasm I was feeling hot. Hot all over. I placed my paddle on the floor and once again admired my handiwork. My sub was crying freely and begging for mercy. His bottom was now a deep scarlet red. I again touched his bottom. It was on fire. I again told him I forgave him and consoled him gently soothing his poor red and sore arse. He then said the almost magical words. “I am sorry I was so naughty that you had to punish me Mistress”. God with those words all my feelings and desires made sense. ” I forgive you” came my reply.
Shortly after he left with a kiss on his cheek from me. I sat on the bed relaxing and relived the moments in my mind. The thought of his red bare arse cheeks, his whimpering and begging for mercy and saying sorry, yes actually saying sorry for me having spanked his bare bottom a deep shade of red. . It was all too much for me. Without warning I was once again wet. I yanked off my panties and put them to my face. I love to smell my own scent. That was all I needed, with my panties in my left hand under my nose I placed two fingers of my right hand into my sopping wet pussy and yep you guessed it wanked myself off until I had CUMM and CUMM and CUMM. By the time I had finished I had my CUMM dripping down my legs saturating the bed sheets.

As I once again relaxed in the afterglow of my CUMM I reflected on that session. There had been no real physical contact, no sexual stimulation in the traditional sense and yet here I was lying back in the afterglow of some of the most powerful orgasms I had ever had. And I really do mean that. It was then I realised and accepted that it was the power I had over my sub which had got me off. Giving a command and being obeyed, seeing a man, who was physically stronger than me, kneel at my feet, naked waiting to be told what to do. Pushing him to beyond his initial boundaries. This was my elixir of sexual pleasure, this was my aphrodisiac, this was my sexual stimulant. The sexual equivalent of Pandora’s box. And once that had been opened it was not going to be stoppered. If I had been in any doubt as to my natural sexual inclination before that session I sure as hell was not now. I knew that I wanted to control men for my benefit as the ultimate sexual thrill to make sure my lovely little pussy got to splash its CUMM. They talk about men sowing their wild oats well I want to splash my CUMM, wantonly, unashamedly. And splash it Big Fucking Time.

For those of you who have read my profile page you will know that I revel in coercive power. Again this is something which has developed over the year. I now consider myself to be pretty damned good at it. I use it as a means to push my sub’s boundaries and send them deeper and deeper into the wondrous world of female domination. And the more I am able to do that the bigger thrill I obtain. But for those not still sure how this works in practice let me run through some more of my experiences.
Firstly I sessioned with a sub who wanted to body worship me. Very pleasurable I thought, I love to be given a thorough worshipping including all of those less well known erogenous zones. This particular sub however was at pains to say that whilst he would gladly kiss and lick my arse cheeks his worshipping would not, to be blunt, include my arsehole as he had a specific hang up about that orifice. Fair enough I thought each to their own. And in any event this was not something for which I had a particular hankering. Anyway we sessioned a few times and he gave me a thorough and pleasurable worshipping. But with each session after he had licked my arse cheeks I felt an increased desperate need for him to run his tongue over my arsehole. To do something which for many people is so taboo, so off limits for “straight people”. I had run my finger over my arsehole a few times and became aware that it was quite a sensitive little orifice. I could only eagerly imagine what the wet and rigid tongue of a submissive male would feel like. And I knew that I was going to go all out to find out.
We arranged another session which went as expected but when the time came for my arse to be given the normal treatment I raised myself up on all fours and thrust it out for him. Initially, as usual, I kept my knees close together so that my arse crack was not open to his view. Anyway he gave my arse cheeks a thorough licking and kissing. I then slowly allowed my knees to spread apart, very very slowly, thus exposing my arse crack and anal rose. Call it sixth sense call it women’s intuition, call it what you like but in that instant I glanced a crafty look back at my sub and caught him staring mesmerised at my arse hole just as I knew he would be. It would have been so so easy to get him to lick it there and then but that is not what I wanted. I wanted him to leave the session with a vision of my lovely anal rose, to be imagining what it tasted like to be dreaming and thinking about it on a daily basis until we next met. And when we next met I wanted him to beg me to let him worship my arse good and proper. To give me a real good thorough rimming. In short I wanted to drive him to distraction and mentally torment him. So I quickly turned round and got him to worship my feet, in the knowledge that all the time he was distracted. He was desperate but did not have the courage to ask for what he longed. Well I was certainly not going to make it easy for him. The session ended and we parted company with a little peck on the cheek. He said nothing to me but I could see in his eyes that he had a yearning which would need to be administered to.
A few weeks later he arranged another session. Throughout our exchanges he made no mention of his deepest darkest desire. He kept up the pretence that the session would be similar in content as those previously. Fine by me I thought hide your little secret. You are ensnared, you have taken the bait, hook line and sinker. Your deepest darkest desire will soon come out into the open. I knew what was going to happen in reality regardless of what was expressed in black and white. Anyway we sessioned and again he gave me another very enjoyable worship. Once again the time came for him to worship my arse. Only this time when I squatted up on all fours I spread my knees wide in the knowledge that my arse crack and arse hole would be fully exposed. He licked each of my cheeks and then I couldn’t help myself as I wiggled my arse right in front of his face. It was so wicked of me. With a plaintive little whimper I felt his tongue run up and down the crack of my arse. Over and over again he licked me. I thrust my arse further back into his face which spurred him on to greater tongue worship. Instinctively I came out with “oh you bad bad boy” and he gave himself up completely. I felt his tongue on my arse hole. He licked my sweet little anal rose over and over again, swirling and whirling. Suddenly he stopped and I felt his tongue jabbing at my arse hole until finally he had entered me, I felt him wiggle his tongue up into my arse and my tight little arse gripped his tongue mercilessly. I kept him in this position for a full 20 minutes. There was no relief and no release. This is what he wanted and this is what he would get, for real. As I am writing this I am guffawing. It is funny to think about what I have just written. “until finally he had entered me”. For the vast majority of people that phrase would conjure up the image of a man on top of a woman with his cock inside her, thinking principally of and using a female for his own pleasure. For me it meant having my sub’s tongue worshipping my arse. My sub pleasuring me regardless of any discomfort which he may feel. I know which version I prefer and which gives me the biggest sense of inner warmth and contentment.

Words cannot express the thrill I felt from debasing him in this manner. There was a physical thrill from the stimulation and a mental thrill from having released him into a new state of mind. This experience seems so wrong yet those who have experienced it know how wonderful it is. A true act of female domination and male subjugation which I simply adored. When I released him his face was bright red but by god he looked happy. The session ended with another little peck on the cheek. No words were exchanged about this. None needed to be. We both knew the significance of the day’s events. Once again I lay back on my bed. Once again the wetness built up inside my pussy and once again I thrust two fingers deep into my wetness and wanked and wanked and wanked until I surrendered to orgasm after orgasm. His subsequent sessions have now concentrated on anal worship as he has offered up his deepest darkest secret to me. He knew all along what he truly desired but I had to gently tease it out of him. The important lesson here is that I did not try and force the issue in the first sessions. That would have been a big mistake. He may well have declined and I may have lost him. Instead I tempted him, removed the temptation, let him mull it over between sessions, made him suffer mental anguish and then presented it to him at the next session. I did not order him to worship my arse, but once I presented it to him I just gave him no choice but to do so. The power of coercion. I already have my next session planned for him. It is a 2 hour one and he will spend a full hour, yes that’s right a whole full hour with his tongue in my arse.

For any ladies reading my blog please I implore you get your man to do this for you. I guarantee it will change him for ever and most definitely for the better.
My second example involves a sub who expressed his desire to make me CUMM as may times as possible without consideration of his own pleasure. What a lovely selfless act I thought. Before the session started we were chatting away discussing how the session might play out when he announced “But I don’t like strap on”. During our exchanges to arrange the session there had been no mention of me using a strap on and in any event I had not brought one with me. So I simply replied that was a great shame as the use of a strap on was the best way for me to get off and I could CUMM lots and lots. He made no reply.

Anyway we sessioned and it was a pleasurable experience and he worshipped me as he said he would and brought me to several orgasms. But throughout the session I kept mentioning how much I liked strap on and how much it pleasured me and made me orgasm. The session ended and I made no further comment on the subject. A few weeks later another session was arranged and once again he pleasured me selflessly and once again I orgasmed on several occasions. Again I continued to torment him about how much I got off by using a strap on. How it was the ultimate turn on for me and how I loved the sensation of it against my clitoris.

Towards the end of the session, completely out of the blue, but not to my surprise, he blurted out sheepishly that he would like me to use my strap-on on him. I explained that I did not have it on me at which point he looked crestfallen. I told him though that if he still wanted it by the time of our next session I would be sure to bring it with me. But I told him to go away and think about it as he needed to be sure. Once again I wanted my sub to be thinking about me when he was away from me. I wanted him to suffer the necessary anguish to make him putty in my hands. I did not want him to think that the use of my strap-on was a foregone conclusion. He did not deserve such a comfort. He deserved and merited to suffer mental anguish.

The day before the session my subby mails me and pleads with me to use my strap-on on him. I needed no second invitation. I had him exactly where I wanted. So the day of the session I was armed with my beloved strap. We had a warm up oral session with him licking my pussy and sucking my clit to bring me to a couple of orgasms. But now for the crowning glory. I told him to roll onto his back and then prepared his arse for penetration, plenty of lube and opening up with butt plugs. All the time I was asking him if he was sure, was he ready, I was really getting inside his head because when the time was right he was literally begging for me to fuck him. And by god that is exactly what I did. I bound his hands together, bondage taped his mouth shut, blindfolded him and then got him on all fours. I spread his arse nice and wide and entered him. Being sensible and sensitive to my subs I opted for a middle sized strap-on rather than my larger one. After all I did not want to put off my latest addition to my anal fuck slut toys. Nevertheless he would know that he was being well and truly fucked.

I got myself into position behind him and thrust deep and hard into his arse. Over and over again I rammed my strap-on into him I could hear his muffled groans but he was enjoying it so much. He thrust his arse as far back as he possibly could to take as much of my strap-on as possible. I fucked and fucked him as hard as I could. I was grunting and moaning and verbally abusing him. I was shaking my head, gripping his body. There was no escape for him. I had him in my clutches there was only one way this was going to end. This was so thrilling for me. The tension in the air was electric, the throbbing in my pussy was pneumatic, the friction on my clitoris was Nirvanish. I thrusted and thrusted until I came. My orgasm flooded over me my CUMM dribbled down my leg. More so than when I normally use my strap-on as I wallowed in the glory of having taken his anal cherry and the delight in the knowledge that I had acquired my new little virgin fuck slut who I could train.

The mere thought of what the future held for him got me going again only this time I had him bend over the bed so he could experience a different position. Regardless I took my position behind him and thrust in deep yet again. Over and over again I thrust as hard as I could and once again he thrust his arse back as far as he could. Once again I had another delicious orgasm as my clit rubbed up against the strap-on. I wailed with ecstasy, god knows what the neighbours would have thought, but I didn’t care. I was awash with orgiastic delight. My CUMM was splashing all over the place making a mess on the carpet and bed sheets. Oooh how I love to splash my CUMM everywhere.After this second CUMM we both lay on the bed and relaxed. After about 10 minutes. I looked at him. We exchanged no words he simply got into position. But this time I wanted to heighten his experience and increase his submissiveness so I made him wear my panties. He struggled to get into them but eventually they were around his waist at which point I bent him back over again in readiness for what was to follow. I got behind him, and with an exaggerated effort I pushed my panties to one side exposing his arse once again. Happy with this new found appearance of my sub I gently slipped my strap-on into him. Once inside I eased off with the gentleness and I fucked him hard and fast for the third and final time until I had yet another squirting orgasm spraying my hot sweet sticky CUMM as wide and far as possible. The female equivalent of shooting my load, but the volume of my CUMM load is far greater than that of any male.

At the end of the session he begged me to use the biggest of my straps on him at the next session. I made no comment as I had already decided that that was exactly what I intended to do. I have already decided that when I fuck him the next time I will bind his hands and blindfold him but I will not gag him. Am I going soft I hear you ask. No is the simple answer. When I fuck him, and by God I am going to fuck him really really hard, as I am thrusting deeper and deeper I am going to keep saying to him “tell me what you said to me at our first session”. I want to hear him say “I said I don’t like strap on” not just once but over and over again. Like a Pavlonian dog I want him to have the mental association of him saying that to me whilst I am on top of him my legs either side of him fucking the arse off him until I splatter my CUMM everywhere. Once that has been achieved I know that he will be mine and he will venture with me wherever I choose to take him.
My third example involves a panty sniffer. He explained to me how he loved to smell a female’s panties but only when discarded and not when they were actually being worn. I must confess that I found that slightly strange but again each to their own. So when we sessioned I bought an array of my worn panties, G strings, thongs you name it they were there. A panty sniffer’s paradise me thinks. Some I had pissed on, some I had CUMM on and some had both of my secretions. Anyway he proceeds to firstly sniff my panties and then take them in his mouth and suck them. Beats the laundrette I thought.

One by one each of my panties got the same treatment. I could see that he was really enjoying himself as when I looked down at his cock I noticed that he had become as stiff as a ramrod. I could not help but tease him. “My my, my naughty little panty sniffer has a boner”. Perhaps he would like to sniff the panties his beautiful Mistress is wearing”. He flushed, a deep crimson red. “Maybe next time” I said with a knowing laugh. He turned an even deeper shade of red.

Well sure enough he arranged another session only this time for a little longer. That thrilled me to the core because it would allow me to put into action the plan which I had devised for him. I welcomed him into the room with a kiss. I had laid my array of skimpy panties on the bed for him in a tidy and neat little line. When he had divested himself of his clothes I suggested that he might like to lie on the bed and savour the exotic taste and smell of them all. Being an ever thoughtful and kind Mistress I even pointed out to him the pair which I had worn in bed the previous night. ” Why don’t you lie on the bed and relax your way through them”. He lay on his back placing each of the panties over his face sniffing them intently. His free hand gripped his ever stiffening shaft and rubbed it back and forth. I needed to act quickly or my plans would be ruined. ” Why don’t I come and join you my subby I cooed you seem to be having such fun Mistress wouldn’t want to miss out” And without further I straddled his chest and looked down into his eyes as he intoxicated himself in the aroma of one pair of panties after another.

When he had finished with the final pair he looked like a little boy lost. “Oh dear does my little panty sniffing subby need to smell some more of Mistresses sweet panties”. God I was beside myself with excitement. I knew what his answer would be but I just had to tease him. I really was on fire. My pussy lips were flush and enlarged. “well there is one pair which you haven’t savoured”. He looked at me bemused. I pointed to the pair I was wearing. “Oh please Mistress, please”. Slowly but surely I inched my way forward. My panties were wet having soaked up my pussy juices which had been flowing freely for some considerable time. I was over his face. I looked down at him, I could see only his eyes, he cried out “Oh Mistress” and that was my cue. I lowered my tight pantied pussy on to his nose and mouth and rubbed my pussy back and forth as hard as I could. My pussy lips enveloped him. For the next hour I put him through an intense and extreme knickering.
Yes that is right a whole 60 minutes of unadulterated and undivided attention to my most intimate of regions. By god I made him know my feminine scent. I was knickering him naked apart from my panties. I call them my panties they were really nothing more than a thin strip of material that provide scanty and brief cover to my pussy and arse. Anyway in this position he was basically subsumed within me. His face was nothing more than my seat and pleasure object. He had asked to smell my panties and now he was getting it only this time for real. In this position I could relax, chill out, watch TV. But on this occasion I chose to listen to music. Darude’s Sandstorm to be precise. Beethoven’s unfinished it is not but I defy anyone to come up with a better tune to rub your pussy back and forth over a males face. I concentrated my energies in ensnaring my subby with my feminine charm. I wanted to teach him a lesson he would never forget. No man, no matter how seemingly macho, can resist a female once he has been made to sniff and taste her panties and become so intimately acquainted with her femininity. After all if the power of feminine odour was a myth then why is there a multi Million pound perfume industry. The answer is simple, if perhaps unpalatable to certain men. We women, the superior sex, ensnare men with our feminine pheromones without them often even being aware.

Anyway he remained underneath me, placid, compliant, listening to my every command. Sometimes I required him to be my seat. Sometimes I required his tongue to pleasure me. I had climaxed goodness how many times. Really powerful strong orgasms. Orgasms of the head thrown back, back arched screaming my lungs out variety. I had squirted copious amounts of CUMM on each occasion saturating my panties. They were dripping. Even now, 20 minutes after my last eruption I could feel them as wet as ever. I was conscious of the fact that my sub would be even more aware of their wetness. They were smothered across his nose and mouth. There was no escape and no respite. He was trapped by my knicker strip the musky aromatic secretions providing him with a real and true perspective of female dominance. Huh so he only wanted to sniff discarded panties and not those actually being worn by his Mistress. I think not. I had disavowed him of such a foolish notion and then some.

After the hour had passed I determined enough was enough and lifted myself off him. I ordered him to kneel in front of me. His face was bright red and wet. He was sweating profusely, he was distracted. To be fair to him for the last 60 minutes he knew of nothing of the outside world. His whole existence consisted entirely of the magnificence of my tight pantied bottom and pussy. And now he found himself drunk on the elixir of my pussy which had been served to him on a wisp of a knicker band. I asked how he felt. “Ok” he replied. I asked if he needed anything. “No” he said. I asked if he had learnt his lesson about the magnificence of womankind and the innate weakness of men. “Yes” he replied. “We shall see” I mocked.
I walked to my bathroom leaving him to contemplate this experience. I felt that I had taken him a great deal further than he had ever imagined in his wildest dreams. This experience of tasting and savouring feminine secretions must have blown his mind but I was not satisfied. I wanted to go further with him.

I picked up a glass bowl and placed it on the floor. I removed my panties. They were sopping wet. I held that flimsy material to my nostrils. The aroma was strong. A heady cocktail of my CUMM and natural female secretions. I have said it before but I will say it again I love to smell and taste my own CUMM I dropped my panties in the bowl and squatted over it. I emptied the entire contents of my bladder into the bowl. I waited for my panties to soak up as much of my champagne as possible and called my sub into the bathroom.

When he arrived I was straight on him “Well subby you said you had learnt about the magnificence of womankind. I am now going to test you”. “I am going to teach you a lesson you will never forget. You are going to stick your head in the bowl, take out my panties in your mouth and you are going to launder them for me. You are going to suck them dry and clean. You will truly savour the aroma and taste of womankind”. Now do it”! he grimaced as the full humiliation of his task dawned upon him. He leaned forward and stuck his head in the bowl. After a couple of attempts my panties were in his mouth. He grimaced as the sharp acrid flavour of my panties filled his mouth. Out came his head and I smiled to myself as my golden champagne dripped off his face. My panties strong flavour was overwhelming him. ” I want my panties laundered clean subby and they will remain in your mouth until i am satisfied.” For a full 15 minutes I watched as he sucked and sucked his cheeks puffing out and then relaxing as he sought to extract every last drop of piss and CUMM from my panties. I loved the fact that he was swallowing my juices. It excited me beyond description. He had only wanted to sniff them. No no no. that was not enough for me.

Eventually he signalled to me that my panties were clean. Heaven help him if I were not satisfied. I beckoned with my forefinger for him to drop my panties into my cupped hand. I put them under my nose and inhaled deeply. There remained a trace of my femininity but overall i was pleased with his efforts. Foolishly he thought that was it. When I again dropped my panties into the bowl of my golden champagne his chin nearly hit the floor. I let them soak up the piss and only when satisfied that were thoroughly saturated i ordered him to retrieve them as before. Once again he emerged with his face dripping with my piss. Once again he sucked and sucked. His face was a picture he really looked as though he wanted to gag. If it had not been for the fact that I had already emptied the entire content of my bladder into my bowl I think that i would pissed myself laughing there and then. After about another 15 minutes he once again indicated that he had laundered them. He dropped them into my hand and once again I went about the ritualistic process of inspecting his work. I was again satisfied. This process was repeated 2 more times at the end of which he was a completely broken man and I had a lovely clean pair of panties.

I hung my panties on my washing line. He thought his ordeal was over. How wrong can you be. My bowl still contained copious amounts of my champagne and that was not going to go to waste. Like hell it was. I ordered him to kneel in front of the bowl. I stood behind him and placed my knees in the small of his back and forced his head down into the bowl. He now knew what was required. Over the course of the next 5 minutes he drank the bowl dry of my piss. For good measure I even made him clean it’s sides so that not one drop remained. I then bade him to lie on his back on the floor. I squatted over him, stuck my fingers in my pussy and wanked myself off all over his face, saturating his face with my CUMM. To his credit he swallowed as much as possible whilst the remainder dribbled down his face.

By the end he had learnt an important lesson. If a sub wishes to smell and taste a female’s discarded panties then he must also be prepared to savour those which she is wearing and lap up copious amounts of piss and CUMM along the way. My subby has learnt his lesson on several repeat sessions.
I sincerely hope that the above experiences have given you an insight into my own personal development and the manner in which I have changed my subbies attitude to their limits, needs, desires etc. For me actions speak louder than words. I don’t want to simply bark orders out to my subbies although of course this is sometimes necessary. I want to coerce my subbies into a changed behavioural pattern without words. The power of the mind, the power of mental stimulation and association with their inner feelings. The silent acknowledgment and acceptance of things which they previously would have shied away from. With the appropriate method of stimulation this can become embedded deep within a subbies psyche so that a Mistress can mould them to her pleasure and will. Such deep rooted acceptance will become a fundamental part of the subby never to be undone. As I said above like the Pavlonian dog.

So what are my plans for 2019! Well obviously I want to meet more and more subbies. I want to train more and more subbies to serve and worship me so that my life is removed of stress and hassle. That is after all what a subby’s ultimate goal should be. I want to tour more, this year I have toured London, soon to be Scotland and next year I hope to tour overseas! Now if I were to sum up 2019 in one word it would have to be ownership.

Why ownership? Well ownership on different levels. Firstly ownership of more equipment and toys for me to use on my subbies; secondly ownership of my very own chambers so that I can really get going on my subbies and give them the most demanding of sessions and thirdly and arguably the most important of all for a true Mistress and Dominatrix, ownership of my own male/men. I want a man/men who will be loyal and devoted to me. Who will perform chores and tasks for me, pamper me, make my life as easy and comfortable as possible by putting themselves out. That is surely not too much to ask for. After all surely what I have just described there is what we all aspire to in a world of female domination of the male.

Blonde Dom Girl