Mr Jones Blog Part 2

Mr Jones Blog Part 2

Welcome to part 2. I hope you have not skipped part 1 as need to read all parts of my tale to fully understand my route to where I am today. And that is exactly what you should want to know about me! To all those who have waited patiently I have a taster for of my next blog…

For the good subbies you will know that this is how I left Mr Jones in part 1.

“I looked over at him his eyes were feasted upon me. He looked away sheepishly when he caught my eye. The swagger had gone. He was now behaving like a little child, a peeping Tom. He was blushing and trembling”.

……. and so we move on ……..

He stood up his erection clearly visible against his loose fitting trousers.

I will openly admit that at this stage of my development I did not know what he was going to do. He was evidently aroused so was he going to try it on with me, this filled me with repugnance and anger. But by the same token he was also red with embarrassment and trembling so would he grovel before me, kiss my shoes? Jeez that thought sent ripples of pleasure through my whole body. God that would be amazing. In that split second I imagined him on all fours kissing my foot while I pressed down on his neck with my other. Calling him all the names under the sun extracting my revenge for making my life hell over the previous week. Fitting a collar round his neck and making him crawl on all fours round the room. The mere thought of this sent the my pussy into overdrive. Little spasms rippled within my cunt (I am not ashamed to use the “C” word. When used to depict innate feminine power it is a marvellous word which women should not be afraid of) and my sweet cream flowed like nectar from a flower into my panties. Such was the gush that that thin strip of material could not hold the flow and like a breaking dam my pussy cream seeped through and onto my upper thigh making a lovely gooey stick mess. Aaahh how i love to feel the sweet nectar of my pussy juice. I wanted to scoop it all up on my fingers and taste and savour it but now was not the time for such an indulgence….

The rest to be uploaded tomorrow evening ❤️

Blonde Dom Girl