Mistress Sophie’s First ‘BackDoor’ Boyfriend ;)

Mistress Sophie’s First ‘BackDoor’ Boyfriend ;)

Mistress loves a first timer

Not meaning the ‘first time’ having penetrative sex in the missionary position with the lights off kind of sex you see in the movies…

no, no…

but the first time taking a stud up his tight little arsehole kind of sex. I am not ashamed to admit I get off on that initial kick of novelty.
Truth be known I have only ever had one guy’s actual virginity which was very willingly given during my high school days however when it comes to giving anal sex I’ve taken many more.
Nothing gets me off more then stepping into a girthy lengthy Cock & holding a guy’s legs up to his chest while I fuck him.

When I took my boyfriends ass for the first time he lay on his front on the bed after a shower, wearing nothing but his tight white Calvin Kleins, his ass is toned and tight just like the rest of his tanned athletic body. I looked at his with desire and lust. I had been fantasising about deeply penetrating his tight little ass for some time now and I could not resist the urge much longer.

Now was THAT time. I went into my wardrobe and searched for strap on. I then slid it on. I looked at myself in the mirror and felt an over whelming sense of satisfaction and the overwhelming sense of power I had being craving. I stroked my plastic cock as I would if it were real. I made my way over to him and lay at the side of him on the bed. I began stroking his arse through his tight white boxer shorts. I then slid my hand up the front of his parties to find His cock growing in my hand and within a few seconds he was solid and thick. I then pulled down his pants, and used my tongue to tease his little arsehole, I then spat on it to lubricate it. I then slowly put my my index finger in my mouth and sucked it and then slid it up his arse whilst taking a firm grip of his cock he moaned and I knew he was mine for the taking. I spat all over his arsehole and the pushed in my finger again this time searching for that little Gspot of his. In a come here motion I user my finger to run against his prostate. I then reached for the poppers in the bedside draw. Took the lid off, then Pulled his head up gently by his hair, and told him to inhale. He took the poppers for a good 12 seconds I then replaced the lid and put them-on the side As I knew I would need them again very soon. First timers always need thoroughly intoxicating with poppers to loosen and relax Their tight Virgin asses,

I rolled him over and he reached out to passionately Kiss me, I tongued him and then gripped his face. I then pushed his knees up towards his shoulders, knelt on the bed between his splayed legs, his eyes left mine and he looked down at the plastic cock that was displayed between my legs, he then took a deep breathe and I pulled his face to regain eye contact with him, to give him some reassurance. I then wet the tips of my fingers and traced them around and around the head of his cock.
‘Do you want me to fuck you?’
He nodded.
‘Tell me. Tell me you want me to fuck you.’
‘I want you to fuck me.’
‘Say please.’ I said

he then desperately whimpered
‘please fuck me.

I had one hand gripping his big thick dick while my other hand reached for the lube in the bedroom draw

I’d fantasised about this for so long that the situation made my clit tingle with arousal. There was no pain, no spanking. I was just kneeling between the boy’s legs, pressing the tip of my fake dick right up against his ass,

‘Touch your dick.’
He obeyed immediately. Quivering with lust and nervous about being fucked for the first time, he stroked himself slowly, not wanting to come before I’d had him. He was close enough to coming just from the anticipation of what we were doing, so when I slid two fingers inside him he tensed up.
‘Ah, no, please.’
I stroked his prostate, very gently, and felt every muscle in his body tense as he tried not to come. I’d never been so powerful.

‘You’re going to come when I fuck you.’

‘Yeah.’ He nodded a few times, more a reflex twitch than a nod of agreement. He stared at me with wide eyes and bit his lip, as I used my lubed-up hand to guide my dick into him. He groaned.

‘Does it hurt?’ I asked

‘Yes. He moaned

tentatively I slid it back out, and poured over more lube then i slipped it in again, a bit further this time. Another groan. A twitch.
‘Good boy, I said.

And I knelt up, put a hand on each of his raised knees, and pushed them backwards, opening him up and pushing him back, as I slid in and out of him. His face was tight in an expression of both pain and ecstasy, knit with concentration in an effort not to come. But I wanted him to come. I knew that the build up and the nervousness and the panic and the joy of being fucked in a whole new way would lead to an orgasm that shot from deep inside him, spraying mouthfuls of spunk over and across his whole body.
I fucked him harder, and I grabbed his dick,
His arsehole gripped my plastic cock tightly. Every time I pushed deep into him the base of the strap on rubbed on my aroused clit and I moaned in ecstasy. I could feel my pussy progressively getting wetter and wetter. i fucked him harder and harder, I felt like I was going to explode and then I climaxed, let out a squeal of relief and gushed down my legs and all over his arsehole.

He then grabbed me in close by my hips, pushing the strap deep against his Gspot
and it happened exactly as I’d hoped: he shot out a full load of hot spunk that hit his chest and face. He moaned and cried out, his stomach tensing and his abs on show, he raised himself up slightly towards me. I felt a slight movement on my dick as his ass tensed with the impact of the orgasm his cock jerked.

“Fuck.” He said. “It was harder than I thought it would be.”
I knelt over him, my purple strap still at my waist and frustratingly unfeeling cock now only about an inch deep inside him.
“Perhaps a different angle?” I suggested, shifting slightly. I don’t know why I cared so much but I really wanted him to like it. I wanted to give him and keep giving him the kind of orgasms he’d never had before or would ever have after me

I held his dick, massaging lube from the base to the head. He moaned softly, and his frown faded.
“Maybe we should try again?” I shook my head. The fucking itself was pretty hot – feeling the power of being above him, on top of him, controlling his pleasure with every inch of my fake cock
So I grabbed his dick with both my hands

I wanted him to beg for more of it

So I Could fuck him with power and force and the kind of all-out, destroying him for anyone else energy that he’ll aim for when he’s fucking me.
And that’s exactly what was going to happen….

I blindfolded, strapped by the wrists and ankles to the bed frame. I lubed up his cock

Noe the 2nd time round was not going to be the teasing denial-play that he’d spectacularly fail at if he weren’t restrained. Lacking imagination, and basing most of my proactive sexual moves on the things that appeal to me,

This time I thought he is going to enjoy being bound and filled to stretching point with cock.
I put a plug in him and instructed him to push down onto it. He squirmed, bucking slightly, enjoying exactly that ‘filled’ sensation while I put on a harness and cock. I unstrapped his ankles from the bed, lifting his legs up and back. I pulled the plug out and he moaned.
“Are you getting ready to fuck me?” No fear, no apprehension, just raw excitement.
“Yes. Do you want me to?”
“God yes.”
I slipped into him slowly, long, deep strokes. Instead of wincing like he did the first time, he urged me on – more, harder, deeper. He shifted position, pulling his knees closer to his chest so I could get my dick further into him.
“Do you like that?”
He answered with a nod and a guttural moan, then twisted around to part his legs further. Nothing tentative about it – he wanted something no one else ever had: a first time pegging that was full-throttle. Power and speed rather than a gentle introduction. My hands gripping his hips and him bucking and writhing onto me. The full length of my fake dick and my lubed-up hands on his. The ache and pain and lust as I slammed it with force deep inside him: a first time pegging that felt like a practised fuck.
Then I said to him, from now on I am going to take you and smash your tight little arse whenever I want too, you will enjoy it and you will thank me for it.
Yes miss…tress he stammered.

Mission accomplished.

Blonde Dom Girl