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1. When you contact Mistress to arrange a real time booking you are required to pay a £50 deposit via bank transfer, Amazon Gift Voucher or Paypal no exceptions.

2. You will always serve, obey and please Mistress.

4. You will be respectful to Mistress & my superior & beautiful body.

4. To receive pleasure you must earn it.

5. You will trust In your Mistress: My responsibilities, My skills, My needs, My pleasures and with My punishments.

6. You are nothing more than an object of value – an instrument Mistress will use to draw out my own pleasures.

7. You will ask my Mistress for permission to satisfy whatever need i have before acting on it.

8. My body and mind is the property of my Mistress, and I will never pleasure myself without receiving permission from her first.

9. You must always give thanks to my Mistress for all i am given immediately after receiving what She has given me, for such things are gifts or privileges granted to me by her.

10. You must be both specific and explicit in my speech and with what services you require or areas of domination you wish to explore during the session.

11. You will not hesitate when responding to my Mistress, your focus in the session is important to your growth.

12. You will thank your Mistress for the discipline and punishments you receive, specifying what you received and expressing the reason as to why you was given them.

13. You will not argue, question, disobey or go against mistresses wishes as Mistress knows what is best for you and you must trust in my judgements

14. You will not see any other Mistress when owned by Mistress Sophie.

15. Mistress deserves to feel spoilt and pampered therefore you should always buy Mistress a gift of either a make-up voucher or Yankee Candle to each meet as a token of you appreciation.

16. You will always be respectful to Mistress by giving her eye contact at all times unless instructed otherwise

17. Do NOT call Mistress between the hours of 9pm and 7am

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You can now purchase personalised signed erotic, semi nude, professional A4-A3 sized glossy printed photographs of your Mistress

For those a little more kinkier you can also purchase my worn panties, lingerie, socks, hosiery & shoes in any ‘conditional state’ email me for more details.


Mistress deserves to be pampered and spoilt, my femininity and power thrives on it. Show your servitude and appreciation to your mistress by treating her to a gift from her wish list

Alternatively you may gift a make-up voucher, something from Yankee Candle, BAC transfer or even be so lucky to take me shopping for real 😉

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Leeds Mistress